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Tarancia has specialized in investments and asset management in the areas of energy, industry, real estate and venture capital since 2012.


We provide complete services for our own investments and assets of our clients, starting with search and evaluation of investment opportunities, through implementation of transactions, financing, construction and daily operation to accounting and administration.


Our multidisciplinary services enable us to achieve the best value for money ratio, thus maximizing the return on investment and mitigating possible risks.


Our clients include companies from industry, energy, construction, logistics, information technology, healthcare and tourism.

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Energy is a natural part of our everyday lives, whether from the perspective of consumer, producer or distributor. Although there are countless possibilities for energy production, distribution and use, their efficient setup and operation require extensive technical and professional knowledge and experience as well as continuous care.

We own and/or operate especially renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic power plants, biogas plants and cogeneration units. We also provide and manage local distribution systems and prepare and implement complete tailor-made energy solutions.

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Real estate is one of main and ubiquitous elements of investment and business. At first glance, it seems conservative, but on closer look, with sufficient knowledge and experience it offers countless opportunities for optimal ratio of return and risk in both short and long term.

We search for, buy, build, operate and real estate that has added value. Our services also cover management of tenants and suppliers, project management, bank financing, administrative support and accounting.

Our portfolio consists of development, agricultural and forest land, as well as income-generating industrial, commercial and hospitality properties.

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The world and local economy cannot cope without the manufacturing industry. It has a strong tradition in the Czech Republic. Quality local background and experts help preserve this tradition and at the same time to expand it.

We own and/or manage traditional manufacturing companies in the field of metal processing, whose serial and custom production is directed mainly into automotive and electrical engineering industries in the European Union and beyond.

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Investments in innovative and fast-growing projects have expanded so much that they can be found almost anywhere. However, mass popularization has made it more difficult to choose and support the right projects.

We are dedicated to finding and supporting our own projects, as well as the projects of our clients. Our services include proactive management and development, as well as passive investments in areas such as manufacturing, energy, information technology and healthcare.

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Registered office: Tarancia, SE, V Zeleném údolí 1377/8, Kunratice, 148 00 Prague 4, Czech Republic

​The company is registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, insert H 754.
Corporate ID No. (IČO): 24262676, Tax ID No. (DIČ): CZ24262676


Phone: +420 773 771 111

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